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Here are some definitions of technical terms and things we generally look for when we perform a Website Audit.


  • Duplicate Meta Descriptions: Imagine having two identical book covers for different stories. It’s like that on a website when multiple pages have the same description, which can confuse search engines and readers.

  • 5XX and 4XX Status Codes: These are like error signals from your website’s delivery service. A 5XX error means there’s a problem on their end, like a server hiccup. A 4XX error indicates your requested package (web page) couldn’t be found or had an issue in transit.

  • Title Tags and Meta Descriptions: Think of them as your website’s introduction. Missing or poorly written ones are like having a book with no cover and a vague blurb; people won’t know what it’s about.

  • Broken Internal Links: It’s like having roads on your website that lead to dead ends or potholes. Users can get frustrated, and it’s not great for your website’s reputation.

  • Robots.txt File: This is like a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign for search engines. It tells them which rooms (pages) to explore and which ones to skip.

  • Sitemap.xml Files: Think of these as treasure maps for search engines. They help the search engine find all your website’s hidden treasures (pages) more easily.

  • Page Load Speed: This is how fast your website opens its doors for visitors. A slow website is like a store with a long line at the entrance; people might give up and leave.

  • Unminified JavaScript and CSS Files: It’s like having a suitcase filled with unnecessary stuff. Minification is like packing efficiently, so your website loads faster.

  • Text-HTML Ratio: This is about the balance of words to code on your website. Too much code is like having too many ingredients in a recipe; it can be overwhelming.

  • H1 Headings: These are like the chapter titles in a book. Missing them is like having a book with no chapter titles; it’s harder to follow the story.

  • External Links with Nofollow Attributes: These links are like road signs pointing to other places. If they say ‘no entry,’ it means search engines won’t follow that road.

  • Orphaned Pages in Sitemaps: Think of these pages as lonely islands in the sea of your website. They’re listed on the map but aren’t connected to the rest of your website.

  • Subdomains without HSTS Support: HSTS is like a security guard for your website. If a subdomain doesn’t have it, it’s like leaving a door unlocked; there could be security risks.

  • Missing Robots.txt File: It’s like not telling search engines any rules. They might wander into places you’d prefer to keep private.


  1. Analytics and Tracking: Think of this as checking if your website has the tools in place to understand your visitors and what they’re doing on your site. It’s like looking at a map to see where people are going in your online world.

  2. Backlinks: Backlinks are like recommendations from other websites. Some recommendations are great, while others aren’t so helpful. We’ll make sure your website gets the good kind.

  3. Compliance and Legal Issues: Just as we follow rules in the real world, your website needs to follow online rules. We’ll make sure your website plays by the book.

  4. Content Quality: Think of this as making sure your website speaks to your visitors in the best way possible. No one likes boring or confusing conversations, right?

  5. Conversion Optimization: This is all about making it easy for your website visitors to do what you want them to do. Like placing the “buy” button in the right spot, so people are more likely to click it.

  6. Keyword Analysis: Keywords are like the secret words people use to find your website. We’ll check if your website speaks the same language as your visitors.

  7. On-Page SEO: Imagine your website as a book. We’ll make sure the book cover is attractive and the chapters are well-organized, so people can enjoy reading it.

  8. Security and Performance: This is like ensuring your online home is safe and tidy. We’ll lock the doors against online intruders and make sure your rooms load quickly.

  9. Site Structure: Your website is like a house, and we want to ensure it’s easy for visitors to find their way around. We’ll set up clear signs and maps inside.

  10. Social Media and Integration: Social media is like a bustling town square. We’ll make sure your website is right there in the middle of all the action.

  11. Technical Issues: This is like fixing a broken door or a flickering light in your online home. We’ll make sure everything works smoothly.

  12. User Experience (UX): Your website should be a comfortable, user-friendly place. We’ll ensure it’s like a cozy coffee shop where everyone feels welcome.